Thinking about Disability over the Life Course: Aging with Disability Publications

Two recent publications highlight potential disparities among individuals with disabilities in childhood and young adulthood. Those aging with disability may experience greater socioeconomic disadvantage, poorer self-rated health, and higher levels of depressive symptoms in later life. (Clarke & Latham, 2014; Latham, 2014).  Individuals with early-onset of disability often have increased barriers to socioeconomic achievement, which may lead to fewer opportunities to manage the underlying condition(s). These publications underscore the importance of viewing disability with a life course lens.

Clarke, P. J. & Latham, K. (2014). Life course health and social economic profiles of Americans aging with disability. Disability and Health Journal, 7, 1, S15-S23.

Latham, K. (2014). The “long arm” of childhood health: Linking childhood disability to late midlife mental health. Research on Aging. Advance online publication.

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New Transitions: Welcome to Indy!

Dr. Kenzie Latham recently joined the Department of Sociology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Fall 2013 is in full swing at IUPUI, and  Dr. Latham is excited to be back in the classroom and to be an IUPUI Jag!

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